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RGL32 Dyneema® Anchor/Mountaineering Sling

Product Code:


Accredited To:

EN 795:2012, Type B, EN 566:2017


30cm (YELLOW), 60cm (BLUE), 80cm (ORANGE), 1.2m (GREEN), 1.5m (RED), 2.4m (GREY)


30cm = 16g, 60cm = 29g, 80cm = 38g, 1.2m = 55g, 1.5m = 69g, 2.4m = 109g



Minimum Break Strength:


Product Description:

This range of anchor/mountaineering slings are a useful tool manufactured using highly durable Dyneema®/nylon yarn.

This sling can be used to wrap around an object to create an anchor point, where a scaffold hook cannot be attached. Can withstand repeated use.

Also ideal to be used to attach rescue equipment and secondary back-up systems, as well as being used as mountaineering slings.

We offer a range of sizes which are signified by colour coded stitching.


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