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New Adventure Climbing Harnesses Added To The Range

We’re approaching the summit of the year and we’re finishing it off by introducing two more climbing harnesses to our range. The two harnesses are our Approach harness (RGH12) which is our new and improved climbing sit harness, and our Summit Y-shaped harness (RGH13Y) which is our three point full body climbing harness. The Approach […]


PRODUCT RECALL: RGA5 UPDATE 17th June 2021 In our previous communication on 4th June 2021, we detailed that we have found some blocks to have cracked brake discs. After further testing and analysis we have not been able to satisfactorily resolve this problem and we have decided they should be removed from service. We reiterate […]

Brand New Summit Harness Available Now

The adventure continues as our recreational range expands further, our main addition this time around is the RGH13 Summit Harness. This brand new harness is Y shaped and allows for fast, step in donning. The unisex design naturally makes for a more comfortable all round user experience.  It comes with two attachment points. One on […]

Online harness customiser now live

Our brand new safety harness colour customiser is now live on our website, click the link to be taken to it RIDGEGEAR Customiser. Give your range of RIDGEGEAR safety harnesses their own identity, by choosing the colour combinations which best reflect your brand. Custom colours are available for all our safety harnesses, where you can [...]

Now UIAA Members

We are now members of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) or commonly known by their french name Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme. an internationally renowned company which promotes the growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide. The UIAA has a rich history spanning back to when they were founded in 1932. A […]

COVID-19: Cleaning your Equipment

Keeping Harnesses and Lanyards clean and free from damage has never been more important than during this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, to help our customers stay safe during this time, please see below the basics you need to know in order to inspect and clean your equipment in the safest way possible. For a basic […]

Updated Rescue Range

Make rescues at height effortless with the RidgeGear Rescue Range. With new additions and improvements made to current products. The Ridge Rescue Kit (RGR14) now comes with a new and vastly improved telescopic rescue pole. The pole is easier to use and more functional. The innovative extending function allows the rescuer to set the desired [...]

Welcome to the New Age with our RGH16 multitask comfort safety harness

The New Age for height safety equipment is here with our brand new and exciting multitask comfort safety harness, the RGH16.  After years of intense and in-depth research and development we have finally come to the point where we can offer this revolutionary safety harness. This all new five-point harness comes with an array of [...]

The new and improved RidgeGear Adventure range

Join us on an adventure with the brand new and improved RidgeGear Adventure range. The range has now been expanded to not only include our redesigned Adventure Harness (RGH14), but to include our new Climbing Harness (RGH12) and a 10mm Steel Screwgate Delta Link (RGK20). The Adventure and Climbing Harnesses are both available in eye [...]

New Products – Jan 2020

Welcome in the New Year with some New Product Updates from RidgeGear. Shock Pack Lanyard Update  In an exciting update to our 2020 shock absorbing lanyard range, we have replaced a large number of our heat shrink packs with new fabric pouches. These pouches are smaller, neater, lighter, easier to manoeuvre and much more comfortable [...]