Rescue Triangle

Rescue Triangle

Product Description

Rescue with speed using our rescue triangle. Quick and easy to fit and is an efficient way to ascend/descend a casualty to a safe position. It must only be used in the event of a rescue.
Colour coded webbing and stitch patterns has been used to make the different parts of the triangle easily identifiable. Adding to the speed of donning as there is no more searching around for webbing that looks the same.
Easy ingress/egress is made possible with overhead shoulder straps, and eliminates the need for panicked casualities to let go of their anchor rope. The addition of a quick connect buckle both full secures the casualty and allows first responders acess to them. The triangle has its own self storage pocket for tidy storage.


Data Sheet

Declaration of Conformity


iso-9001 CE Logo
Size(s): PVC - 1100mm x 780mm