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RGRO11 11mm Kernmantle Rope

Product Code:


Accredited To:

EN 1891A:1998


10m (stocked), 20m (stocked), 30m (stocked), this rope can also be purchased by the metre (plain ends)



Max Arrest Force:

<6kN (when used with RGA device to EN353-2)


Polyamide outer sheath & twisted inner core

Minimum Break Strength:


Product Features:

/ High grade polyamide / Twisted cores / Ultra-lightweight at high minimum breaking load / High-twist mantle braid / Dirt resistant / Excellent grip/strength / High abrasion protection

Product Description:

The RGRO11 11mm kernmantle rope provides vertical, or near vertical fall protection. It is fitted with a single spliced eye and heat-shrink cover.

It is a static rope that is highly abrasion resistant, low stretch, maximum strength, extremely durable and has a long service life.

This rope is has numerous uses it is suitable for rope access and work positioning. It can also be used for rescue work, guide work, expeditions and caving.



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