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RG/Ascender/RH Hand Ascender

Our hand ascender is designed for ascending fixed ropes of widths between 8mm – 12mm. It features a comfortable grip that can be used with one or two hands. The hand ascender can be used for a variety of situations including rescue and hauling techniques.

RGR11 Rescue Stretcher

This robust, flexible and lightweight rescue stretcher allows easy movement in the event of a rescue. A combination of horizontal and vertical lifting straps and a dedicated carry bag. Manufactured in conformance with CE93/42/EEC Class 1.

RGR14 Ridge Rescue Kit

The only rescue kit you’ll need. Essential when it comes to performing quick, effective recovery. The Ridge Rescue is the perfect solution for any rescues during work at height. It enables you to raise or lower the casualty and no cutting is required.

RGR6 Rescue Triangle

Rescue with speed using our rescue triangle. Quick and easy to fit and is an efficient way to ascend/descend a casualty to a safe position. It must only be used in the event of a rescue. Easy ingress/egress is made possible with overhead shoulder straps, and eliminates the need for panicked causalities to let go […]

RGR2 Tri-Pulley

Our tri-pulley has been specifically developed so that the RGA4 and RGR7 can be fitted together on the same RGR1 tripod. It is lightweight and features revolving side sheaves to enable easy wire rope and connector attachment. You can now connect a fall arrest system as a back up to the main man-riding winch. It […]

RGK42 Trauma Suspension Straps

Trauma straps help to prevent the effects of toxic shock if the user is left suspended. The leg straps of a harness can cause loss of circulation to the legs and feet in the event of a fall. Standing on these straps will relieve the pressure to the groin and release the tension within the […]

RGR17 Single Rope Pulley

The RGR17 is a small swing cheek pulley made from high strength aluminium. It is ideal for lightweight applications due to bushings being fitted and it also comes with tamper-proof rivets.

RGR16 ISC D4 Work/Rescue Descender

The D4 Work/Rescue Descender allows precise control at slow or fast speeds by using an innovative progressive cam action. One cam operates within another cam to offer smooth control. Whenever the operator lets go of the handle an auto-lock function will initiate.