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The Harness You Love Just Got More Comfortable

We’ve created two new variants of our most popular safety harness, the RGH2 (two point safety harness). Available now are our RGH2 Deluxe and RGH2 Comfort.

A further expansion to our already vast height safety equipment range.

Both variants come with additional features which make these harnesses more comfortable when in use. Making longer working days in your harness a little less strenuous.

The RGH2 Deluxe comes with both an eva foam shoulder pad and pair of leg pads. It also comes equipped with fast fit buckles for quick and simple donning.

The RGH2 Comfort comes with an eva foam shoulder pad and standard buckles.

Both harnesses conform to EN 361:2002 and both are produced using our brand new webbing RIDGE Protect. RIDGE Protect is designed to prevent bacterial growth, and offers a 14 times reduction in bacterial growth* when compared to standard webbing.

*According to ISO 20743:2013 contact with K.pneumoniae, commonly associated
with healthcare infections such as E.coli.