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Safety Harness Spotlight: RGH2 Front & Rear D Safety Harness

The RGH2 is a two-point safety harness, the term “two-point” refers to the number of attachment points between the harness and the anchor point.

The harness conforms to EN 361:2002 which is a European standard that specifies requirements for full-body harnesses used as a component of personal protective equipment (PPE) against falls from a height.

The RGH2 has steel front and rear attachment points, which are designed to work with fall arrest or work restraint devices, creating a fall arrest system. It can be used in fall protection and restraint situations in either vertical or horizontal planes.

The harness has easily visible fall indicators with red stitching, which in the event of a fall will pop to show the harness should be taken out of service and destroyed.

The standard colours of the RGH2 are grey and black, they come with a high contrast yellow stitch to make inspecting the harness simple.

We do offer a bespoke service, where you can choose your own colours, there is minimum order of 30 harnesses. Use our colour customiser to view your desired colour combination.

Anti-bacterial coating

The webbing used in the production of the RGH2 has our special RIDGE Protect coating*. This coating offers anti-bacterial protection along with the usual waterproof capabilities.

A little variety

We offer several different varieties of the RGH2; RGH2 Glow, RGH2 Fast Fit, RGH2 Comfort, and RGH2 Deluxe.

RGH2 Glow – manufactured using reflective webbing, this is where the reflective yarn is woven into the main orange webbing. When the reflective strips are hit by light, they give the harness a glow trait which can be seen in low lit areas. This added feature makes this safety harness ideal for the rail industries.

Black and grey two point safety harness with yellow stitching and fast fit buckles for quick donning

RGH2 Fast Fit – this harness comes with fast fit buckles instead of standard buckles. The fast fit buckles make donning the harness a much quicker operation. This is the ideal safety harness for when quick donning is a must.

RGH2 Comfort – this version of the RGH2 has the addition of a shoulder pad. The shoulder pad gives the user a more comfortable wearing experience when performing day-to-day tasks.

RGH2 Deluxe – our deluxe version is the complete RGH2, it comes with a shoulder pad, fast fit buckles and leg pads. This harness is exceptionally comfortable and allows for quick donning.

Where to use

The RGH2 offers basic levels of height safety when accompanied by fall arrest or work restraint equipment. Likely uses (not limited to) of this harness are ladder climbing with a twin leg lanyard, working on scaffolding, rooftops, construction sites and in MEWPs.

If you’re looking for a safety harness for other work at height methods, such as rope access or hands-free work, we offer more advanced safety harnesses with additional connection points and features.

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It is crucial for individuals using safety harnesses to receive proper training on their correct usage, inspection, and maintenance to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. 

We offer various height safety courses, to see the full course list click here.

*According to ISO 20743:2013 contact with K.pneumoniae, commonly associated with healthcare infections such as E.coli