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RGL19 Twin Leg Adjustable Webbing Restraint Lanyard

Product Code:


Accredited To:

EN 354:2010



Max Arrest Force:

Restraint only - Not to be used as fall arrest


26mm RIDGE Protect anti-bacterial polyester*


Steel adjusters x 2 - supplied without connectors unless stated otherwise

Product Description:

This adjustable work restraint safety lanyard works as a leash for the user.

This is a twin leg version so it allows the operative to move between anchorage points through means of double clipping. The lanyard length can be adjusted to the required length needed, meaning there is no need for numerous lengths of lanyards.

37kN webbing is used in the manufacturing of this lanyard which provides greater strength compared to other systems.

This safety lanyard is for restraint purposes only as there is no shock absorption built into the system.

*14 times reduction in bacterial growth, according to ISO 20743:2013 contact with K.pneumoniae, commonly associated with healthcare infections such as E.coli.


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