Single Leg Kinetic® Webbing Lanyard

Single Leg Kinetic® Webbing Lanyard

Product Description

The RGL20 is a fall arrest lanyard without the bulky shock pack, which incorporates inner webbing that (in the event of a fall) will stretch under a constant controlled force to reduce the
impact on the wearer. A more comfortable wearing experience due to there being no shock pack, so the user won’t experience the harness attachment point being pulled down. A main benefit is a shorter fall distance when compared to a lanyard with a shock pack. A rip stitch indicator will deploy in the event of a fall. This lanyard should be used when an operative is working from a static position connected to a fixed anchor point.


  • Typical results show a breaking load of around 27kN
  • Rip stitch indicator that automatically deploys in the event of a fall
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Inspection is simplified due to minimal use of components
  • The fall arrest force trace is a lot smoother than with conventional tear webbing
  • Contains two components, thus providing versatility and eliminating the need for a separate bulky shock pack


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