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RG/GLOVE/SF Gloves Fingerless

Product Code:



Medium, large


Front - Synthetic leather/artificial amara with cow split leather reinforcement, touch material on the index finger & cow split leather on the other finger tips / Back - Polyester fourway on back with laminated foam, neoprene on the knuckles, synthetic leather/artificial amara on finger tips / Wrist - Elastic with rubber logo velcro closure / Stitching - Nylon grey thread

Product Features:

/ Reinforced leather palms / Knuckle padding protection / Fingerless for better dexterity

Product Description:

Protect your hands against the day to day demands of manual working and climbing.

These gloves come with additional padding in areas where high wear is expected and also improves grip.

Knuckle padding provides additional protection. Exposed thumb and fingertips allow for greater dexterity.



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