Rescue Winch

Rescue Winch

Product Description

The rescue winch is fitted with an up/down clutch locking mechanism and is available in lengths of 15 & 50m.
Manufactured from steel with a baked enamel finish, the winch has a 50cm diameter handle turn. One full handle turn will release approximately 48mm of cable. Ideal for confined space entry, manholes and chemical vessels. If the area below is unsuitable the winch can also raise a casualty to safety. To be fitted to a rescue tripod, for confined space access when other means of entry are not available or deemed unsuitable. The winch must be backed up with a separate fall arrest system, such as the RGA4 fall arrest block.

Gear ratio = 1 : 8.9


Data Sheet


iso-9001 CE Logo UKCA
Size(s): L 210 x W 350 x D 210mm