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Now UIAA Members

Climbing scaling rock during sunset

We are now members of the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) or commonly known by their french name Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme. an internationally renowned company which promotes the growth and protection of mountaineering and climbing worldwide.

The UIAA has a rich history spanning back to when they were founded in 1932. A worldwide name with member associations and federations in 67 countries located across six continents.

Their mission statement highlights their key aims of preserving the spirit and traditions of climbing/mountaineering, advancing safe and ethical mountain practices. Along with promoting responsible access, culture and environmental protection. They also support youth participation in climbing and the olympic movement. They were involved in the first climbing world cup back in the 90s and in 2002 established the first Ice Climbing World Tour. 

Select products from our adventure/recreational range will have the approval. These products are our full body climbing harness (RGH14) and our mountaineering harness (RGH12).

Full body climbing harness size range and mountaineering harness

Additional news regarding the RGH14 and RGH12 is we’ve now added a handy tool loop to each size. The new feature has been added for numerous purposes. For recreational centres it gives participants a place to park their safety lanyard between activities. It also means that users have somewhere to store any excess connectors they may need when climbing. The tool loop is positioned in an area which is easily accessible to the user.    

Full body adventure harness tool loop in use

You can now find us as a registered supplier on the UIAA website, https://www.theuiaa.org/safety/uiaa-safety-label/safety-label-holders/.