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New Adventure Climbing Harnesses Added To The Range

We’re approaching the summit of the year and we’re finishing it off by introducing two more climbing harnesses to our range. The two harnesses are our Approach harness (RGH12) which is our new and improved climbing sit harness, and our Summit Y-shaped harness (RGH13Y) which is our three point full body climbing harness.

The Approach harness (RGH12) conforms to EN 12277:2015 Type C. 

All black climbing sit harness with green right leg and dark grey connection point

It is available in two sizes specified below. Each size is signified by a different coloured right leg loop, size 1 is green and size 2 is blue. This right leg loop allows for quick allocation in busy environments and gives a point of reference to make donning easier. 

Approach sit climbing harness size guide

High levels of adjustability mean this harness can accommodate for changes in clothing layers. Adjusting is also made simpler with the addition of larger folded webbing turnbacks, giving the user more to grip on to.

Approach is a lightweight and comfortable harness. The leg loops are folded slightly to take stress away from the legs whilst climbing. Elastic straps on the back also add security, but don’t interfere when climbing as the stretch moves with the user. 

Robust eye protection ensures the connection point is hardwearing. The inclusion of a gear loop means climbers can attach their chalk bag or other accessories to the harness. 

The Approach harness is perfect for climbing walls and can be used for outdoor climbing activities. 

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The Summit Y-shaped harness (RGH13Y) conforms to EN 12277:2015 Type A. 

Black and blue Y-shaped full climbing harness with blue colour-coded right leg

Once again available in two sizes specified below, size 1 is green and size 2 is blue. This harness has a colour-coded top and right leg. This helps with size allocation and when a participant is donning the harness. 

Y-shaped Summit full climbing harness size guide

This harness comes with three points of connection; chest, ventral and back. These connection points make this harness suitable for most climbing activities expected at an adventure park. 

The Y-shape design ensures this harness is comfortable for all users. 

Easy slide buckles make adjusting simple and fast. The inclusion of bigger webbing turnbacks improve the ability to grip when adjusting. Once adjusted, elastic webbing retainers provide a place to fold and stow excess webbing.

The harness is a step-in design, but once donned it is difficult to take off unless assisted by an instructor for added safety. 

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