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Introducing RIDGE Protect, our new anti-bacterial webbing

RIDGE Protect, our next line of defence, is our brand new webbing designed specifically to prevent bacterial growth on safety harnesses and lanyards, whilst also retaining waterproof capabilities. 

This innovative webbing provides 14 times reduction in bacterial growth* when compared with standard webbing. 

Ideal for situations where harnesses are shared between users, i.e adventure parks, climbing centres. But also a great addition to our industrial products.

You’ll find it on our full safety harness range, along with the majority of our fall arrest and work restraint lanyards. A few other items will also use this webbing which include some anchorage and work positioning items. The full list is below. 


Supporting documents of products which have RIDGE Protect webbing will have the below logo. This will appear on documents such as data sheets and on specific product web pages.


*According to ISO 20743:2013 contact with K.pneumoniae, commonly associated with healthcare infections such as E.coli