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Expanding our 140kg lanyard range

We’ve got further additions to our height safety equipment product catalogue. This time we’re expanding our 140kg range of fall arrest lanyards by adding the following:

  • RGL2 BIGGUY – single leg kernmantle rope fall arrest lanyard
  • RGL6 BIGGUY – single leg elasticated fall arrest lanyard
  • RGL8 BIGGUY – twin leg kernmantle rope fall arrest lanyard
  • RGL9 BIGGUY – twin leg elasticated fall arrest lanyard

All versions will be a maximum length of 1.4m and will be suitable for users who weigh up to 140kg.

These new additions will sit alongside our current 140kg lanyards; our single leg (RGL1 BIGGUY) and twin leg (RGL3 BIGGUY) standard webbing versions. You will notice the style of these lanyards have changed to a more compact shock absorber pack. 

This range of lanyards can be used in conjunction with our full range of safety harnesses, meaning when one of these lanyards is used with one of our harnesses the maximum user weight is 140kg.

The full range of these lanyards come equipped with aluminium ANSI rated double action scaffold hooks. Which are 248mm in length, with a large gate opening of 62mm. To abide by the ANSI standard it has an increased gate strength when compared to our alternate scaffold hooks. It is also slightly heavier, weighing 640g.  

On top of this, each lanyard comes with a steel screwgate karabiner used to connect to the attachment point of your chosen harness. Its length is 107mm, with a gate opening of 17mm, and weighs 160g. This can be changed for any other connector which meets the requirements of EN 362:2004. Check out our full range by clicking here. 

Our elasticated lanyards, the RGL6 and RGL9, are produced using 37mm elasticated webbing. Their length range is 1.05-1.4m. This style of lanyard reduces the amount of hanging slack, which can help to lower trip hazards and entanglement. 

The rope versions, our RGL2 and RGL8, are produced using 11mm kernmantle nylon rope. Due to this material these lanyards have a superior wear resistance. They also come with protective sleeves at the rope ends which helps to protect the stitch against abrasion. 

Also our RGL1 and RGL3 lanyards come with our brand new innovative RIDGE Protect coating as standard. This is an anti-bacterial coating which prevents bacterial growth, with a 14 x reduction when compared to standard webbing*. It also retains its waterproof attributes. *According to ISO 20743:2013 contact with K.pneumoniae, commonly associated with healthcare infections such as E.coli.

Please ensure a fall arrest lanyard is partnered with a safety harness and to a relevant anchor point to ensure a fall arrest system is in place when working at height.