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COVID-19: Cleaning your Equipment

Keeping Harnesses and Lanyards clean and free from damage has never been more important than during this unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, to help our customers stay safe during this time, please see below the basics you need to know in order to inspect and clean your equipment in the safest way possible.

For a basic clean of your equipment follow the cleaning instructions located in the products User Instructions, supplied with every RIDGEGEAR product.

DO the following;

  • Lay the equipment out on a flat surface to visibly inspect for any damage before cleaning.
  • Wear suitable PPE such as waterproof hand protection.
  • Use mild detergent and handwash only to a temperature no greater than 40°
  • Dry slowly in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat or sunlight.
  • When dry, reinspect thoroughly before use in accordance with the user instruction guidelines.


DO NOT do the following;-

  • DO NOT handle if used by anyone suspected or tested COVID positive for at least 72 hours after their contact.
  • DO NOT use any cleaning materials that contain chlorine, bleach or any other chemicals.
  • DO NOT use mechanical means to dry the equipment after use or after cleaning, (e.g. hairdryer, machine tumble dryer).
  • DO NOT soak the equipment and dip sections of the webbing into water and scrub each portion separately. Excessive soaking and scrubbing can compromise the webbings effectiveness over time.


With COVID- in mind, since we can’t use the standard disinfection methods of bleach and exposure to high temperatures as per standard PPE guides. We would suggest that you follow the above guidelines, as to date there has been no official protocol announced by any health official.

As we are unable to use other disinfectants to clean our equipment the above instructions do not guarantee the transmission of the virus, however if followed it can reduce the risk of contamination.