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RGL9 Twin Leg Elasticated Webbing Lanyard & Shock Absorber

Elastic is used in the production of this twin leg fall arrest safety lanyard, which reduces the risks of trip hazards and entanglement. The webbing is produced from pre woven elastic which provides consistency and superior quality. The twin leg aspect of the lanyard allows the operative to move between anchor points. This safety lanyard […]

RGL16 Twin Leg Adjustable Webbing Lanyard & Shock Absorber

This twin leg fall arrest safety lanyard comes with an adjustable function to choose the length needed to avoid trip hazards. The operative can use this lanyard to move between anchor points through means of double clipping. It comes equipped with a shock absorbing pack, so that in the event of a fall the forces […]

RGL28 Chaser Twin Leg Self Retractable Lanyard

A self retractable lanyard for use when an operative works in an area with risk of a fall. The user can move between anchor points through means of double clipping, due to this lanyard being twin leg. The self retractable lines lock off in the event of a fall. The compact design makes this lanyard […]

RGL60 CLiC-iT Twin Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard

The CLiC-iT RGL60 is a revolutionary lanyard with interacting connectors and provides the user with continuous protection as one cannot be opened without the other being closed. Suitable for: •Scaffolding •Pylons / Angle Beams •Anchor Points •Cables •Straps and Ropes •Ladders / Masts