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RGK1 17mm Steel Screwgate Karabiner

Our most popular karabiner from the range. An opening of 17mm and manufactured from steel. Double action with a screwgate opening which must be closed manually.

RGK1/A 19mm Screwgate Aluminium Karabiner

The RGK1/A is a lightweight alternative to the RGK1. The screwgate closure on this device means that the user must manually lock the RGK1/A keeper after fitting. RGK1/As are the basic universal karabiner used within the climbing industry where weight is important.

RGK1/AT 19mm Triple Action Aluminium Karabiner

The RGK1/AT is a triple action alternative to the RGK1/A. The triple action closure on this device means that the keeper automatically locks after fitting. RGK1/AT is the basic universal karabiner used within the climbing industry where weight is important, with extra safety closure. Each karabiner is supplied with an unique serial number for complete […]

RGK2 17mm Steel Twistlock Karabiner

This karabiner is extremely safe due to it having an automatic locking system. Produced from steel with a 17mm opening. The twistlock design is double action.

RGK4 22mm Aluminium Twistlock Karabiner

Produced from aluminium, so this karabiner is extremely lightweight. The double action gate opening is 22mm and twistlock which closes automatically. Ideal to be used with belay devices and pulleys in rope access or rescue industries.

RGK5 56mm Steel Twistlock Scaffold Karabiner with Captive Pin

This scaffold karabiner has a large gate opening of 56mm meaning it is ideal for use in industrial areas and can clip directly onto scaffolding/steel working. The double action twistlock locks automatically. Usually this karabiner will be connected to a twin leg safety lanyard for climbing tower masts and steel structures. A captive pin can […]

RGK6 54mm Aluminium Twistlock Scaffold Karabiner with Captive Pin

A lightweight scaffold karabiner with a 54mm gate opening giving the option to clip to scaffolding/steel structures. The double action twistlock closure locks automatically ensuring safety of the user. Vertical protection can be achieved when used in conjunction with a fall arrest safety lanyard, rope or rope grab systems. Permanent connection to a safety lanyard […]

RGK7 26mm Aluminium Screwgate HMS/Belay Karabiner

The HMS or belay karabiner has a wide load bearing design allowing for smooth running of your rope. The design also allows the hitch to invert. The karabiner has a screwgate closure. It comes with a side swing gate which increases the gate opening.

RGK12 10mm Steel Screwgate Delta Link

This connector offers a semi-permanent connection fall arrest equipment. After fitting the delta link the user must manually lock it. The screwgate closure offers complete security and is suited perfectly for both the rope access and leisure industries.

RGK15 12mm Steel Triple Action Karabiner with Captive Pin

An ANSI approved karabiner which means exceptional strength and extra peace of mind. This karabiner is even safer due to it being triple action. If desired permanent fixture to a lanyard can be achieved by the addition of a captive pin.