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Brand New Summit Harness Available Now

The adventure continues as our recreational range expands further, our main addition this time around is the RGH13 Summit Harness. This brand new harness is Y shaped and allows for fast, step in donning. The unisex design naturally makes for a more comfortable all round user experience. 

Blue and black summit full climbing V shaped harnessGreen and black summit full climbing V shaped harnessRed and black summit full climbing V shaped harness

It comes with two attachment points. One on the back which can be used for your typical leap of faith activity. The second is situated around the ventral area, this allows the harness to be used in sit suspension, ideal for ziplining. Self or assisted adjustment is simple and fast as the harnesses come with large webbing tails which allow for a firmer grip whilst adjusting. 

Man in blue and black Summit harness after zipline

Available in three sizes, each one in their own colourway. As standard we offer the different sizes in the following colours; size 0 – red, size 1 – green, size 2 – blue (detailed sizes below).

To bring in line our Adventure harnesses (RGH14s metal or rope ring versions) we have recoloured and resized two of the harnesses. Our former small is now size 1 and fits a larger size range. Also our former standard is now size 2 and has been recoloured the eye catching blue used on the RGH13.

We do offer a colour customisation service where you can choose a colour from our preselected palette of 18 standard colours. There is a minimum order quantity of 30 harnesses. We also produce ECO webbing, which is manufactured using ocean plastics. This is currently available in three different colours. 

Along with the exciting addition of our new harness we have also added a new helmet. This helmet conforms to EN 12492 and is available in two colours, red and white. The helmet also comes with the capability of adding a visor and/or ear defenders.

One red and one white climbing helmet RIDGEGEAR brandedOur final addition is a HMS or belay karabiner. This karabiner has a wide load bearing design allowing for smooth running of your rope. Its side swing gate increases the gate opening to 26mm, giving enough room for a variety of rope sizes. The design also allow the hitch to invert.

Silver HMS karabiner with gold screwgate opening