Updated Rescue Range

Updated Rescue Range

Make rescues at height effortless with the RidgeGear Rescue Range. With new additions and improvements made to current products.

The Ridge Rescue Kit (RGR14) now comes with a new and vastly improved telescopic rescue pole. The pole is easier to use and more functional. The innovative extending function allows the rescuer to set the desired length to allow smooth clipping of the rescue device to the casualty’s harness. The rescue kit is now available in multiple rope lengths. Originally only available in 100m, we have now introduced 20m and 50m versions. The shorter versions make this kit better suited to even more rescue situations, making this kit the only one you’ll ever need.

Kit contains;

Rescue device

20m, 50m or 100m rope

2 x RGK2P karabiner attached to rope

RGK26DC Slingky 2m anchorage sling with wear sleeve

Telescopic rescue pole

RGS4 roll top weather-proof bag with carry straps

We’ve now added a Work/Rescue Descender (RGR16) to the range, which allows precise control at slow or fast speeds by using a progressive cam action.

Red ISC D4 Descender with black handle used for work and rescue

A Single Pulley is another new addition which is ideal for lightweight applications as it is made from high strength aluminium.

Finally the new Rescue Triangle (RGR6) has gone through a complete redesign and is greatly improved compared to its predecessor. Now a lot easier to fit during an emergency, due to improved adjustability and colour coded stitching/webbing. The inclusion of a quick connect buckle and two additional connection points allow for quick donning in situations where time is of the essence. Overall the Rescue Triangle is an efficient option to ascend/descend a casualty to a safe position. Also confirms with EN 1498:2006 Class B.

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