Work at height/rescue training courses resume COVID-19 secure:

Here at RIDGEGEAR we have adapted and changed our safety measures where necessary to ensure both the safety of our trainers and delegates.

We understand we are now living through unfamiliar times, but have peace of mind in knowing that our training courses have had the necessary safety precautions put into place. 

Once again we can now offer training on-site at RIDGEGEAR HQ or at your own site as long it meets our new requirements.

The amount of delegates who can participate on our courses have decreased during this time.

Below is details of how we’re ensuring our service is COVID-19 secure:

RIDGEGEAR location:

  • Face masks and protective gloves are available for instructors and participants.
  • We have a no-contact infra-red thermometer for instructors and participants to use before entering the RIDGEGEAR building.
  • Social distancing measures are implemented within the classrooms and walkways for instructors and participants to remain 2m apart.
  • Movement around site has been minimised and includes staggered lunch and break times.
  • For service and repair training, we have installed practical work stations 2m apart and we also provide delegates with their own tools for the day.
  • Hand sanitisers have been installed in all training locations so instructors and participants can clean their hands regularly.
  • Classroom, practical areas and work tools are cleaned after each session.
  • Refunds for training have been relaxed, so participants are encouraged to report signs and symptoms of COVID-19 up to the day of training. Meaning there will be no penalty fees for cancellations.

Customer location:

  • Risk assessments will be requested from our customers detailing their COVID-19 safety policies.
  • Risk assessments have been created and will be maintained and updated for that location.
  • RIDGEGEAR will have access to hand sanitiser and face masks.
  • RIDGEGEAR instructors are encouraged to report any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before the day of training.
  • Refunds for training have been relaxed, so participants are encouraged to report signs and symptoms of COVID-19 up to the day of training. Meaning there will be no penalty fees for cancellations.

At RidgeGear we understand the dangers of working at height and the importance of correct and in depth height safety training when working in this type of environment.

We know it is paramount to not only ensure the worker’s safety, but also the people around them. Whether this be fellow work colleagues or members of the public.

To make sure workers at height have the best possible preparation, we offer an array of training courses designed to equip any delegate with the right knowledge and practical skills to work safely and effectively at height.

Our courses cover the essentials associated when working with our equipment; Height Safety, Rescue and Evacuation, and Confined Space.

Our training courses will ensure your workers will be more than prepared when going about their daily duties at height.

Why we’re different?

As the manufacturer of each harness, we are the natural provider of training associated with our equipment or any other producers of height safety equipment.

Our extensive knowledge in the production of this equipment means we are aware of the functionality and best practice when in use.

Our courses can be completed using our in-house training facilities or at your own site (if suitable).

Following each course our friendly and expert trainers will ensure all delegates are ready and able to carry out any future work at height.

Please ensure any delegate participating on one of our courses provides some form of photographic ID as proof of identity.

All delegates will also be issued with a RidgeGear certificate which is valid for three years.

Courses available:

At RidgeGear we offer a range of training courses to ensure you are well prepared to partake in any work at height. A total of 19 training courses are available, from general height safety to confined space.

Courses can be completed at our in-house training facilities in Leek, Staffordshire or at a suitable site of your choice.

For more information on our specific courses please click on the titles below:

RGT1 – Fall Protection Equipment, Awareness & Inspection (Max 15 delegates)

RGT1.1 MEWP – MEWP Harness Use, Awareness & Inspection (Max 15 delegates)

RGT2 – Working at Height (Max 6 delegates)

RGT2:FA – Working at height – Fall Arrest (Max 6 delegates)

RGT2:HB – High Bay Access, Rescue & Evacuation (Max 6 delegates)

RGT2:LA – Fixed Ladder Access (Max 6 delegates)

RGT2:LE – Working at height – Leading Edge (Max 6 delegates)

RGT3 – PPE Inspector (Max 15 delegates)

RGT4 – Rooftop Operative (Max 6 delegates)

RGT4:RF – Radio Frequency Awareness (Max 15 delegates)

RGT5 – Work at Height for Managers (Max 10 delegates)

RGT6 – Emergency Rescue & Evacuation at Height Training (Max 6 delegates)

RGT6:RR – Suspended Operative Rescue (Max 6 delegates)

RGT7/SF  – Slipform Rescue, Emergencies & Evacuation (Max 6 delegates)

RGT7/TC  – Tower Crane Rescue, Emergencies & Evacuation (Max 6 delegates)

RGT8 – Scaffold Rescue, Emergencies & Evacuation (Max 6 delegates)

RGT9 – Fixed Access Ladder Rescue (Max 6 delegates)

RGT10 – First Aid for Work at Height (Max 8 delegates)

RGT11 – Medium Risk/Confined Space, Access & Egress (Max 6 delegates)

Training Form

To download the Medical Form and T&C’s click here.