Tool Lanyards

Our Tool Lanyards range is specifically designed to eliminate the danger of dropping tools, a significant cause of injury in the workplace, and keep them close at hand. Our lanyards come in three different ranges so whatever your requirement, we have a lanyard to suit your needs.


High quality flat webbing for basic tool restraint.


Webbing with added elastication for ease of movement and convenience and basic energy absorbing properties.

Shock Absorbers

Made from either advanced Kinetic® webbing or incorporating a neat shock pack, these lanyards are the pinnacle of tool safety. In the event of dropping a heavy tool, they significantly minimise the risk of the user being pulled off a ladder or platform by drastically reducing the peak loads.


A handy lanyard for basic light tool restraint.

Tool Lanyard Guide

Use the guide below to select the correct Tool Lanyard range and capacity for some commonly used tools.
Please be aware this is only a guide, you should always weigh your own tools before deciding which Tool Lanyard to use. Check individual Tool Lanyard information for actual capacity.