The new and improved RidgeGear Adventure range

The new and improved RidgeGear Adventure range

Join us on an adventure with the brand new and improved RidgeGear Adventure range. The range has now been expanded to not only include our redesigned Adventure Harness (RGH14), but to include our new Climbing Harness (RGH12) and a 10mm Steel Screwgate Delta Link (RGK20).

The Adventure and Climbing Harnesses are both available in eye catching and easily identifiable colours for quick size allocation. Improved comfort and adjustability make this range perfect for any recreational uses.

All three items have been stringently tested to pass their relevant standards to ensure they are fit for safe use:

Adventure Harness (RGH14) – EN 12277:2015 Type A & B

Climbing Harness (RGH12) – EN 12277:2015 Type C

10mm Steel Screwgate Delta Link (RGK20) – EN 12275:2013 UIAA, EN 360:2004

Adventure Harness Features (RGH14)


Our Adventure harness has been specifically designed to cater for a wide age and size variance. Due to the nature of outdoor activity centres, it is colour coded to ensure quick size allocation and is the perfect harness for any recreational use. The harness is also designed to ensure that once it has been donned it is difficult to take off unless assisted by an instructor.

  • Front & rear attachment points
  • Lanyard connection direct to front chest ring
  • Colour coded webbing
  • Easy donning

Climbing Harness Features (RGH12)


The RGH12 is a lightweight and comfortable solution for climbing and similar leisure activities. The step in design allows for speedy donning and adjustment for the user. Complete with central belay loop for attachment to safety ropes. The rear elastic loops ensure optimum comfort and are replaceable when subject to excessive wear.

  • Front attachment point
  • Full adjustable
  • Colour coded webbing
  • Easy donning

Screwgate Delta Link Features (RGK20)


The RGK20 is normally used as a central connection link at the attachment point of the front of an adventure / climbing harness. This provides a semi-permanent connection to the fall arrest equipment. This item also has many applications in the rope access and leisure industries. The screwgate closure on this device means that the user must manually lock the RGK20 keeper after fitting.

  • Screwgate closure
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