New Products – Jan 2020

New Products – Jan 2020

Welcome in the New Year with some New Product Updates from RidgeGear.

Shock Pack Lanyard Update 

In an exciting update to our 2020 shock absorbing lanyard range, we have replaced a large number of our heat shrink packs with new fabric pouches.

These pouches are smaller, neater, lighter, easier to manoeuvre and much more comfortable at the harness connection point.

Available on RGL1, RGL2, RGL3, RGL6, RGL9, RGL13, RGL16, RGL29 and RGL30

RGR6 – Rescue Harness

Introducing our re-designed, very exciting, Rescue Harness.

More functional, and easier to use than before the adjustable size means this one rescue harness can be adapted to suit a wide range of potential casualties.

As well as the adjustability, the colour coded webbing and stitch patterns make fitting the rescue triangle simpler and faster than ever, no more searching around for a loop of webbing that looks just like all the rest.

The over-head shoulder straps and quick connect chest buckle fully secure the casualty and allow first responders quick access to the casualty.

Now approved to EN:1498 2006

RGK50 – Step Bolt Connector

The RGK50 is designed for attachment to 16mm step bolts used on communication and electrical transmission towers.

It meets CE and ANSI Standards

RGA1 – Fall Arrest Block

The new RGA1 has been redeveloped to incorporate a braking mechanism within the retractor unit.

The removal of the shock pack makes the fall arrest system lighter and easier to manage, whilst the new Fall Indicator connector allows equipment managers to easily identify if a block has been subject to a fall.

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