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RGH5 Glow High Visibility Rescue Harness

High visibility yellow rescue safety harness with reflective yarn

This three point safety harness has been designed for confined space access, and has the added benefit of reflective yarn sowed into the webbing. Meaning this harness is suited for low lit working conditions. Each connection point (front, rear, rescue strap**) can be used as fall arrest attachment points. The rescue strap can also be […]

RGH5 Super Glow High Visibility & Luminous Rescue Harness

All black glow-in-the-dark rescue safety harness

The first of its kind, the Super Glow three point safety harness has been designed for confined space access. This harness uses a combination of both reflective and phosphorescent yarns giving this harness unprecedented levels of visibility. Perfect for work in low lit confined spaces. The phosphorescent yarn absorbs light energy to achieve a vivid […]

RGH6 Deluxe Comfort Front, Rear & Side D Work Positioning Harness

The RGH6 is a deluxe version of the RGH4 it has a thicker waist belt and the addition of a shoulder pad for extra comfort. The RGH6 is also complete with extra tool loops which provide additional tool connection. This comfortable work positioning safety harness is designed for operatives who spend a lot of time […]

RGH15 Work Positioning Comfort Harness

Grey and black work positioning safety harness

This work positioning safety harness is perfect for lengthy hands free tasks, due to its lumbar supporting work positioning belt. The belt makes up two of the four connection points of this harness, the other two being front and rear attachment points. This comfortable harness is perfect for operatives who are required to work at […]

RGH16 Multitask Comfort Harness

Grey and black Y-shaped safety harness

A multitask safety harness which has undergone a revolution, perfect for pretty much any working at height related tasks due to a vast array of innovative features. It truly represents the culmination of years of research and design development, making it one of the most advanced and feature packed harnesses available on the market. This […]

RGH2 ECO Front & Rear D Harness

This environmentally friendly safety harness is produced from upcycled PET bottles. It is the first of it’s kind and has two attachment points, one on the chest and one on the back. Meaning it can be used in vertical fall protection and restraint situations in either vertical or horizontal planes. Certified fee from harmful chemicals […]