The Company

RIDGEGEAR was founded in 1998. Since that time, we have established ourselves as a leading innovator in the height safety manufacturing industry. All of the advanced products are developed and produced at our factory in Leek, Staffordshire where they are extensively tested to the highest specification.


SAFETY : We understand that our products save lives so testing is constant, and repeated again when the production process is complete. The webbing will only be released for one of our products when it passes all of the demanding height safety tests. This ensures our customers benefit from improved functionality and the knowledge that RIDGEGEAR products give absolute security.

SERVICE: RIDGEGEAR offers a complete solution for customers, with tailored systems designed to meet individual customer needs. Our aim is to respond to all requirements, offer a reliable service and build strong relationships with every business we work with.

INNOVATION: We are adaptable to new industry concepts and we are continuously enhancing our technical ability and development expertise. We offer a wide range of height safety equipment to suit customers’ needs, whilst constantly improving the performance and design of all of our products.

Quality Control

Our continuous and rigorous testing does not stop there. We know this is a lifesaving product and testing is continued yet again, even after the production process is complete. The webbing will only be released for one of our products when it passes all the demanding tests of our height safety.

  • RidgeGear offers a complete solution for customers, with tailored systems designed to meet individual customer needs.
  • Our product portfolio is manufactured and tested within an ISO9001 environment. You can view our BSI certificate here.
  • The latest Computer Aided Design techniques, coupled with the development of prototypes through the use of rapid prototyping methods, means that RIDGEGEAR is able to combine new designs with tried and tested components. This benefits the end user with improved functionality and the knowledge that products from RIDGEGEAR give absolute security.

Made in Britain

We are proud to be part of the Made in Britain campaign, since April 2016. Our safety harnesses, lanyards are produced on site at our factory in Leek, Staffordshire. We only use the best when it comes to webbing which as mentioned before is also produced on site. Meaning whenever you purchase a RIDGEGEAR harness or lanyard you can be assured that you’re getting the very best and safest British made product.

From Yarn to You

We stand in a unique position. Because we manufacture the webbing here on site we control the complete manufacturing process, which means you can be sure of the best quality end product delivered to you every time.

10 Year Lifespan

Following extensive testing of our webbing and manufacturing processes, the recommended 10 year lifespan is effective on all textile based products manufactured on or after January 2010 across the entire RidgeGear harness and lanyard range.

  • Testing samples of 10 year old products, they all passed EN testing as well as additional tests where they were exposed to UV for a lengthy amount of time.
  • The results showed that the breaking loads on all of our webbing were between 85-98% of their original value, against the minimum requirement of 70%.

Unitex UK Ltd

RidgeGear is part of the Unitex Group of companies in the UK, along with our other companies Marling Leek and Miller Weblift. Together, Unitex is the world leader in textile web manufacturing today, and we have a history dating back over 70 years in the industry.

Marling Leek Ltd  (est. 1963) Technical Narrow Fabrics – Founded in 1963, Marling Leek is the UK’s most established manufacturer of webbing used in both commercial and automotive markets. The factory produces a comprehensive range of high quality webbings, belts, straps and lashings and we are the only manufacturer in the UK to produce webbing right through from the basic yarn to the finished product. Marling Leek is the world’s leading manufacturer of the aircraft seat belt.

Miller Weblift Ltd  – (est. 1960) Safe Lifting and Load Securing Specialists – Market leaders in innovation, engineering and development, Miller Weblift offers the highest quality safe lifting and load securing products in the industry. We offer a large range of synthetic heavy lifting products including round and flat slings manufactured here at our factory in Staffordshire in the UK. We also provide load restraints, specialist nets and bespoke-made items.