Inspection of Tripod




The RidgeGear Tripod that you have purchased is a well-designed, reliably built, precision engineered product. If properly used and looked after, it will give many years of good service. There is no lifespan obsolescence, as worn components are replaced as necessary during service.

Before every use, the user shall inspect the equipment following the inspection guidelines below. The safety of the user depends upon the continued efficiency and durability of the equipment, therefore an additional thorough periodic inspection is required by an independent competent person familiar with inspecting this type of equipment. The frequency of independent

examination and inspection must take into account legislation, equipment type, frequency of use and environmental conditions (particularly if used offshore). It is recommended that a competent person carries out a full inspection at least every six months, and records of such inspection are retained.


Legs and feet - check for damage and ensure all moving components still function correctly. Ensure all leg pins are present. If necessary re-adjust the leg sections to check the adjustment.

Head section - check carefully for damage including hairline cracks or distortion which can often be caused by misuse or if the tripod has been dropped. Ensure the eyebolts are still intact and fully secured to the underside, and the pulleys spin freely. Ensure pins are present.

Attachment RTFA/winch - as applicable check that these are fully secured and all fixings are locked in place.

Product marking - check that the product markings including the serial number are legible.

Ensure the date of the last service is shown and has not expired.

Never attempt to tamper with or service the product by any other means.

Reject the Tripod immediately if any of the above defects are found or if in any doubt. Clearly identify as DO NOT USE.

Legal requirements (as specified in EN365 and Loler regulations)

Tripods must be:

  1. Inspected before every use by the user

  2. Independently inspected every 6 months (LOLER regulation)

  3. Serviced at least every 12 months

  4. Records of all independent inspection must be retained


How to return your tripod

RidgeGear tripods can be returned to the RidgeGear factory or sent to one of our approved service companies (please contact us for these locations).