Cookie Policy

Do we use cookies?
Yes, we use cookies and other technologies to ensure everyone who uses this website has the best possible experience. Cookies also help us to keep your account safe. By continuing to visit or use our services, you are agreeing to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes we describe in this policy.
What are cookies?
A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables us features and functionality. For example, cookies enable us to identify your device, secure your access to RidgeGear and our sites generally, and even help us know if someone attempts to access your account from a different device.
What is in a cookie?
A cookie is text file stored in your browser and only the server that the website is hosted on will be able to see the contents of that cookie.
What are cookies used for?
Cookies can be used to recognise you when you visit, remember your preferences, and give you a personalised experience that's in the line with your settings. Cookies also make your interactions with RidgeGear faster and more secure.
What are cookies?
Most browsers allow you to control cookie through their settings preferences. However, if you limit the ability of websites to set cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience, since it will no longer be personalised to you. It may also stop you from saving customized settings like login information.
What to do if you don't want cookies to be set?
Although cookies are generally quite harmless, you may not want your web browser to store them. If you prefer, it is possible to block or delete them entirely. To do this, you will need to use your browsers preferences and more information can be found in your browsers help files.