About Us

We're celebrating 20 years as a leading manufacturer of height safety equipment

It has been a fantastic journey since being founded in 1998. Since then we have provided you with innovative products, with your needs always in mind. All of our advanced products are produced at our factory in Leek, Staffordshire and are extensively tested to the highest specification.  So thank you for being part of our journey and we hope you will continue to be with us for the exciting future we have planned. 

Preventing fatal injuries as a result of serious falls from height has been RidgeGear's key objective since 1998 

With its key manufacturing operation in Leek, Staffordshire, RidgeGear is ideally positioned to serve the European industrial safety market place quickly and efficiently with the products that your company needs now. RidgeGear benefits from the 70 years of collective expertise and experience of the Unitex Group of Companies. Pioneers of the car seat belt and the one piece woven airbag, Unitex has been at the forefront of technological developments that quite simply have changed peoples' lives and saved countless others.



Quality Control

Our continuous and rigorous testing does not stop there. We know this is a lifesaving product and testing is continued yet again, even after the production process is complete. The webbing will only be released for one of our products when it passes all the demanding tests of our height safety.

  • RidgeGear offers a complete solution for customers, with tailored systems designed to meet individual customer needs.
  • Our product portfolio is manufactured and tested within an ISO9001 environment. You can view our BSI certificate here.
  • The latest Computer Aided Design techniques, coupled with the development of prototypes through the use of rapid prototyping methods, means that RidgeGear is able to combine new designs with tried and tested components. This benefits the end user with improved functionality and the knowledge that RidgeGear's products give absolute security.


The RidgeGear Way - From Yarn To You

At RidgeGear we stand in a unique position. Because we manufacture the webbing here on site we control the complete manufacturing process, which means you can be sure of the best quality end product delivered to you every time.  


We're also proud to be a part of the Made in Britain campaign, since April 2016.