Our range of connectors are the most comprehensive available. All of our devices are of the highest quality and offer every user the complete safety solution. These simple devices are often overlooked and are depended upon countless times during a normal working day. Choosing the right one for the task is important. Please read below the specifications for each of our connectors.

  • £0.00

    The RGK45 has a double action lock feature similar to the RGK10 and locks automatically. It has the benefit of a captive eye for permanent attachment to the lanyard. It also incorporates a swivel function which eliminates twisting - particularly wh..

  • £999.99

    Similar to the RGK1, the RGK88 is a large gate opening, aluminium capture eye safety hook, normally fitted to fall arrest lanyards for quick clipping onto scaffold or steel structures. The double action snap closure on this device means that is canno..